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We're Matchmakers

All cars are different. The products you use to keep them running should be different, too. Unlike universal automotive fluids which claim to work for all makes and models, OEM is tailor made for your vehicle. OEM fluids ensure you’re using the right formulation to keep you on the road and in service longer, minimizing the risk of costly repairs and breakdowns.

We believe finding the right fluid at the right price for your vehicle should be quick and stress-free. Our unique EasyMatch tool makes selecting automotive fluid easier than ever. In three simple steps, we match you to the vehicle-specific formulation that will keep your car performing at its best. We’re automotive experts dedicated to helping you to make the right choice for your vehicle.

Our master formulators create superior quality fluids specifically designed for your car. Trust the experts at OEM. Discover your match today.

Made By Recochem

Recochem is an industry expert in automotive fluids. Since 1951, Recochem has been formulating innovative solutions for vehicles, industrial sites and homes around the world. We’ve grown from producing two products to over 200, and from one initial employee to over 600 worldwide. Recochem is a Canadian owned, privately held company with a global reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service. Known for innovation, agility, growth and socially responsible business practices, our reputation has earned us vendor appreciation awards and longstanding relationships with our suppliers around the world.

Recochem’s Consumer, Industrial and Australia Asia-Pacific Divisions are all ISO 9001:2015 certified, assuring our customers receive consistent quality.

We continuously adapt so that our commitment to environmental and health concerns keep us ahead of public expectations.

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