Why OEM?

You rely on your vehicle, and your vehicle relies on you to find the highest quality fluids to keep it running at its best. OEM offers superior quality formulations that are tailor-made to the specifications of your vehicle. Drive with confidence. Drive with OEM.

Customized For Your Car

Unlike universal fluids, OEM fluids are specifically formulated for your vehicle. We’ve studied vehicles across makes and models to create customized solutions that keep your car on the road longer. Don’t risk breakdowns and repairs with automotive fluids that claim to be one size fits all— with OEM, find the right match.

Industry Standards

Your car is a key investment. We’re here to help you protect it for the long term. OEM fluids are specially formulated to meet or exceed the industry standards and performance requirements of your vehicle, helping you extend service life and avoid costly repairs. Trusted worldwide, our formulations mirror the original factory fill and are made to be completely compatible with other fluids for easy top-up maintenance.

EasyMatch Makes it Easy

We take the guesswork out of finding the best fluid for your vehicle, empowering you to make the right decision. The EasyMatch Tool makes it simple to choose the right fluid formulation by quickly searching our database of thousands of vehicle makes and models. With colour-coded bottles, you can remember your match across fluid types. Trust the experts at OEM.
OEM EasyMatch